Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jesus Would Love This!

Shot like a documentary, a new viral video from Hi-Tec introduces a new sport called "Liquid Mountaineering," where participants run on water - yes, on top of the water.  The equipment that makes this all possible is a water repellent shoe, discovered by mistake (supposedly), by lake skimming athletes.  A brief product shot of the shoes deflecting water showcases how extremely water repellent they are.  It's just enough of a glimpse to expose the brand without being obvious, in fact it's almost understated.  The video experience is brief and intriguing and leaves me wondering where can I get these (light, dry, fast) shoes myself?

Currently with over 4 million YouTube views, several folks seem to think that the activity is real.  A fact that's reinforced by the water running cast in the video, blogging about the sport and their experiences as well.  And yes, of course, you can join their Facebook Fan Page.

With thanks to Megan O'Neill writing for Social Times for the insights and information!

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