Monday, February 6, 2017

5 Tips For An Amazing Trade Show Video

Humans are internally wired to notice movement. In fact, vision is the most sophisticated of the human senses with 65% of us being visual learners. This is a compelling reason to use video at your next trade show to broadcast your message and grab the attention of potential buyers. 

Because the trade show video is developed to cut through the clutter, it’s different from videos that are produced for corporate presentations or commercials. It calls for the creation of a concise message that’s delivered quickly while capturing the crowd’s attention and curiosity. Thinking about using a video for your next trade show? Here are five tips.

1.    Be visually engaging. A well-designed trade show video has only seconds to grab the attention of passers-by. So make it heard against the noise of the crowd and the PA system, make it interesting enough to engage the prospect’s attention, and long enough to deliver your message.

2.    Keep it simple.  Use just music and visuals. That trade show din is why you don’t want a narrative. You just want music with lively graphics integrated into relevant content and text on-screen. This is not the place for how-to detail, which is best on a tablet with a salesperson. This is the place for a high-level introduction to your company’s solution.

3.    Keep it short and snappy; repeat. Nobody is going to spend five minutes watching your video while standing in a crowd. So keep it short; one to two minutes’ tops. Also, remember that your audience doesn’t all arrive at the same start time, so the video should loop.

4.    Make it viewable from a distance. Your monitors should be mounted above head height in your booth so that people standing in front don’t block the view for others. A winning scenario is a video on several monitors, attracting viewers into the booth, where your sales team can intercept them.

5.    Use and reuse it. Maximize your investment of time and money to capture as many leads as possible by using your video before, during, and after the event.
  •  Before the show, provide a link to it in your email invitations. Publish the show information on a landing page where customers can sign up for special offers or schedule a meeting with your sales team. Drive to this page from every one of your social channels like your LinkedIn company page, and pages on your website, for example. Obviously, your landing page should include your company name, the show’s name, and booth number which all helps with online search (SEO).
  •  At the booth, the video is the draw. It intrigues your audience from a distance and up close delivers your company's main message. It's a conversation starter for your salespeople who can give your visitors a USB Memory Stick that includes the video with a complimentary white paper or special offer.
  •  After the eventleave a smart impression. Create an email for your customers (versioned for those who attended and who didn’t), with links to the video on your company’s site. For prospects that missed your booth, you may want to send a letter or email that incorporates a message from a selected salesperson along with a special offer.
Video delivers information in a fascinating, eye-catching, and understandable form. At a trade show, a professional video can intrigue and prime your audience to discover more about your company and product. The effectiveness of video is determined by how it’s planned and used. When strategically designed and deployed, video can be an effective method to engage your prospects, drive sales and help ensure that you get the most return out of your trade show investment. 

For some more tips check out this great article from Michael Brenner, Hey Event Organizers: Here are 30 Tips To Rock Your Next Event!

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