Friday, October 28, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

So besides that song from the Sound of Music running through my head, are you humming it too?  Here are a few of my favorite things.  First, there’s chocolate. Really chocolate in any form makes me happy.  I love eating it whether its chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, or chocolate candy.  As a result I find true strength isn’t being able to break a chocolate bar into 4 parts, but being able to break it apart, eat one piece and walk away from the rest.

Tidy data is next on my list.  I know it sounds crazy but I have, during my marketing career, been responsible for building and cleaning up databases.  The ones I like the best, that always make me smile indulgently, are those dirty databases, no NCOA, no de-duping, names and addresses filled with errors that I have successfully fixed.  When data is tidy, the sales results can’t help but make everyone smile.

Last on today's list is good friends.  These are the friends that you can say anything to and they don’t judge you, they just take it in.  They may be friends that you don't see for a long time, I mean years, and yet when you get together it is like no time has past at all.  I only have a few of these special friends and I treasure each one.

So when I'm challenged by my job search, or my family or the balance in my check book, and feel down in the dumps, I simply remember, ... well, you know the drill, "when you get down to the bottom of the barrel, you just float back on top!"

Dedicated to Leslie, Rick, Sarah, Bill, Heather, Joan and my girls!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh My, Marketing Has Changed!

Yesterday's Marketing
advertising sells
products are bought
You can target
target you
the market
Honesty invites and wins customers
is about control
You never have
Your time, your place, your message
Consumer's time, place and content
your message
Engage to get
their pull through