Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is Your Brand Like P&G or More Like Rubbermaid?

Before you start building your marketing plan for 2013, have you decided whether your company's identity is more like Procter & Gamble or if it's more like Rubbermaid?  It's an important distinction.  You see, P&G's attention is on their products and they have developed unique brand identities for each of them.  But Rubbermaid's brand approach defines all of their products as sturdy, durable, and the right solution for my storage problems.  So what about your company?

Another way to think of it is, if Apple equals Innovation and Disney is Magic, what is your brand? Is it unique products, each with its own identity? Or is it one name and what that encompasses? Just like the guy in City Slickers, before you go running off deciding which social media campaigns to launch and whether or not you need a mobile app, you’ve got to decide on that “one thing", and that is the voice of your brand and the focus of your strategy across every network, and in every channel.   

Now that I've got you thinking about your brand, check out this post by Greg Satell on The Brand’s New Open Architecture