About Marion & Gut3Marketing

Marion Guthrie is the principal and marketing consultant at Gut3Marketing where she works with companies to help them increase sales. To assist her clients, Marion focuses on developing and executing marketing strategies that successfully engage and retain customers. 

She’s spent the last 35 years or so working primarily with financial services businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500’s to start-ups and enjoys the diversity of her career roles as a direct marketer, content strategist, PR practitioner, writer, project leader, corporate marketing director, and entrepreneur.

Marion is passionate about our current evolution from a manufacturing base into a technology age. She believes this is a unique period in human history where everyone will be impacted and many will choose to engage productively in personal, professional and economic change. As a result her blog posts focus on the rising tide of social business.

Among her professional accolades, she’s been nominated for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Paradigm Award, was a member of editorial board for the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association for several years as well as being on their Board of Directors.  She received the Leadership Award from the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association, and has supported the Judge of Elections of her district.  She also was involved with the successful efforts of her mother, Louise Guthrie, in conjunction with the League of Women Voters and the Washington Memorial Chapel to house the Justice Bell, in the Chapel's bell tower rotunda.   

Although Marion does seek out other points of view, this blog doesn’t represent the opinions or practices of her friends, family, pets, or even her daughters.  This blog is her's alone.  

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