Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ways to Go Green Today, Earth Day, 2010

Today, April 22, the United States observes Earth Day, a day for celebrating our planet. In conjunction with this celebration, Brita has launched in Canada, an impactful Earth Day TV spot, which is a great use of cause marketing to drive consumer awareness and encourage product purchase. The spot called "Change" chides residents, without saying a word, for buying plastic water bottles.

"Change" shows how intrusive plastic water bottles are when accumulated throughout a household. A closet door opens, only to have countless water bottles spill out. A woman exercises with bottles strewn nearby, a man reads a newspaper while surrounded by bottles. My personal favorite is the woman longing to swim in her pool, only to see it's overrun with bottles. "Ever thought about how many plastic water bottles Canadians bought last year? The Earth needs Brita," concludes the ad, shown here and created by DDB Toronto.

Also check out this excellent article from Mashable on  5 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day


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