Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Online its Social Media, Offline its Life

We call it social media because we're describing how we're communicating using new technology channels.  When we talk with a friend in person, in the mail, on the phone, we're just communicating.  Yet when it comes to using technology, we often mention (at least in my circles) the source (like Facebook or Twitter).  And to easily describe these new communication channels, we've lumped them into a category we call social media.  As communication channels continue to converge (phones, radio, TV, Internet) into one device, I wonder what word or words we'll use, to describe the process.  I'm guessing that it will depend in large part on what we call the tool that emerges from all this convergence.  So as tissue is to Kleenex or fluorescent paint is to Day-Glo, so is social media to.....?  

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