Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cost of Infomercials - Run, Spot, Run!

I was recently asked if I had a ball park figure for the cost of producing a direct TV "long-form" commercial, also known as an infomercial. You're probably familiar with these 30 minute advertisements that simulate a TV show. Possibly the most famous example is Ron Popeil's Showtime Rotisserie where he coined the phrase, "set it and forget it". I checked with several sources and have these figures from 2007 (so astute business people beware).

For additional information on DRTV see Ron Perlstein's blog. If you're looking for assistance, get in touch as I know trustworthy folks in the biz. Speaking of which, you could easily trim these costs by having everyone bring their own lunch. No more deli trays ...

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