Friday, January 16, 2009


I'll admit it. I'm an 'oldersomething' and have for a number of years indulged my skin and hair with moisturizers. Hence based on a product review, I wanted to try out a new line that Dove has introduced called ProAge. So I went out and purchased (with my glasses on) the body wash, shampoo and conditioner. The products are good and not that expensive. The issue is the packaging. I don't wear my glasses in the shower and the type face, color and size of the labeling, i.e. "shampoo", "conditioner", "body wash" is very difficult to read with my glasses off (art directors take note - reverse type is not always easy for us boomers to read). In addition the bottles are all the same size and color. My recommendation to Dove is if they are going to introduce a product line for us 'oldersomethings', they should at least make the typeface on the package large enough for us to read or perhaps introduce different colors. Don't despair, my home solution has been to put each bottle on a different rack in my shower. But shame on Dove for not thinking through their customer's experience.

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